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How to Join

20 Hickman Rd, Coraopolis, PA 15108
Phone: 412-269-0942


Membership is now capped at 450. Anyone who would like to join can begin by printing and mailing a membership application to the address above.  Do NOT email it.  Membership is $50.00 per fiscal year, $10.00 junior. (August - August 31st)  Initiation is a one time fee at sign-up and is $200.00. An application form must be filled out in advance, and new members must be voted in by the Club Board and the Membership during our September meeting. Applications can also be obtained at the Clubhouse or from a member.​

Even though the membership is capped, we are still accepting  applications that will be added to our waiting list.  Please print out a membership application and send it in, do not send any money until membership is accepted.


New members are accepted after our fiscal year and voted on during the September meeting only.  There are no guarantees of acceptance or time until membership is granted.

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