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Attention membership!! It’s officially

9/1/23 the new combo for club gate is in effect!!

If you’re membership wasn’t renewed & Paid by 8/31/23, 

You are “NO Longer A Member”!!!

Senior and life membership info.

To be a senior: $10 (newsletter is incorrect)

Be a member for 10 years Before turning 65

To be a life:

Be a member for 15 years before turning 65

Some long time members will go directly to

life from regular membership and skip senior at 65

Starting in January.

Pellet gun shoot.
Silhouette and paper targets, pistols and rifles. 

Monday's at 7:00pm.  Runs every Monday night until the first week of April.

Adults $3.00 Kids FREE!

Safety glasses are required by all!

Trap Shoots

Starting in January.

Monday nights starting May 1st @ 6:00pm.

Come on down and see the new PATTrap machine.
Shoots open to non members!

Indoor Archery Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm. Come check out the new range. Broad-head or cutting tip arrows CANNOT be used. Special targets are provided. The event is open to both members and non-members. The cost is $3.

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